Photos Of Random Stuff Shown In 7/21 Trial

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Photos Of Random Stuff Shown In 7/21 Trial

In the trial of six men accused of plotting mass murder aboard London transport in July 2005, the prosecution showed photos of interesting objects in the flat of Yassin Omar, 26. These objects include a printout of Osama Bin Laden's October 2004 address to the American people. In the speech, Bin Laden related what he believed were the root causes of ongoing U.S.-Middle East conflicts.

Also found in the apartment were:

- a rucksack (aha!)

- a brown, long sleeve v-neck t-shirt with a hole in the lower back (yes, the lower back)

- a cooker with "apparent corrosion" on the control panel

- a furniture shelf with a yellow-coloured residue on it (eeeuch...)

- a flyer for a demonstration to show "solidarity for Muslims in Palestine and respect for the martyrs" (respec'!)

- the usual nutty, extremist VHS tapes (why exactly are suspected terrorists always leaving VHS tapes lying around? haven't they heard of DVD's?)

- lots and lots of bottles of hydrogen peroxide (used perhaps for bomb construction, or possibly hair bleaching - also works really well on cuts and scrapes)

The trial is expected to continue for many weeks. But this evidence is making us wonder if these guys weren't also cooking up some drugs with their bombs.

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