LU vs. Metronet

By sizemore Last edited 146 months ago
LU vs. Metronet

If you were wondering who to blame for yesterday's misery on the tube network then look no further as London Underground have quite happily hung the culprits out to dry:

Metronet had not carried out necessary work overnight such as using special trains to clear snow and ice from tracks, an LU spokesman said... "Cold weather and a threat of snow were forecast and Metronet chose not to undertake the necessary prevention work overnight. Metronet chose to carry on with regular engineering work. This failure to deal with the forecast cold weather led directly to much of the problems on the Tube. This echoes their failure to prepare the tracks for hot weather last summer and is completely unacceptable. This morning's problems on the Tube are a clear example of poor planning and execution of maintenance by Metronet."

Metronet have replied that that is a load of old bollocks and that LU were the ones who who deemed the risk of severe weather to be small.

The good news is that despite the threat of more snow to come everyone should now be working round the clock to ensure a much smoother Thursday. Fingers crossed.

Last Updated 25 January 2007