Ken's Cuban Cover Up?

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Ken's Cuban Cover Up?

Ken's in the sights of The Standard again - this time for hanging out with terrorists:

The Mayor met the wives of the so-called “Miami Five”, who have been found guilty by a US court of conspiracy to spy on American military bases. Details only emerged after he was forced to publish his full itinerary under freedom of information laws, having previously said the publicly funded trip was to build Olympics links and visit health facilities...

The focus on this story may well shift from the mayor to the fate of the five cubans and whether they should be in prison at all. No less than eight Nobel Prize winners don't think so. Amnesty International too have a few things to say about human rights violations.

So it shouldn't come as a great shock to anyone following Ken's career that he'd get himself involved in this kind of debate. The main question is whether it has an effect on his job as mayor. The Standard thinks so, as do the Tories.

We feel a lot of Londoners like Ken because he is passionate about the causes he believes in. Now we just need to know if indeed, as The Standard suggests, he did try to keep a lid on this particular part of his visit and why...

There's more background on the Cuban Five here and at Free The Five dot org.

Last Updated 04 January 2007