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We were going to write a long detailed explanation of why we're once again doing a weekly blog roundup and then realised that only a few days (and a few centuries) ago Samuel Pepys had done the job for us:

(Lord’s day). Lay long in bed, and then up, and being desirous to perform my vowes that I lately made, among others, to be performed this month, I did go to my office, and there fell on entering, out of a bye- book, part of my second journall-book, which hath lain these two years and more unentered.

We too spent the morning in bed and then remembered we'd promised to continue something that we first started quite some time ago and then forgot all about. So from here on out we'll have a weekend roundup of what's been going on in our corner of the bloggyverse (blogosphere be damned).

And so from the past to the future. Diamond Geezer's latest posts (and there's a bumper crop of them) are all dated from tomorrow, Monday January 29th, and start oddly enough from deep under London where he's trapped. Then things go from bad to worse:

Martin's been gone for half an hour now. He finally lost patience with the whole situation, strode up to the locked door at the front of the train and yanked on the ringpull labelled "Emergency access. Penalty for improper use". As expected, the driver's cab proved to be as empty as we'd feared. But the side door was hanging open, providing access to the tunnel, and so Martin took his chance. He checked that the power was off by throwing some copper coins down onto the tracks. Then, when they didn't spark, he jumped down onto the tunnel floor himself. It wasn't the most scientific of experiments, but Martin seemed satisfied enough. We cheered him off down the tunnel towards St Paul's, all secretly glad that he was going instead of us. He said he'd be OK...

In reality we have far less life endangering problems - unless you're a cute little furry thing - as Disgruntled Commuter is a little taken aback that a drop of snow meant it was ok to wear dead animals

There were no crowds of children following her pointing and laughing, and nobody spilled so much as a cup of coffee on it, let alone a tin of red paint. Surely, as a nation of so-called animal lovers someone ought to have at least tutted, and loudly. Or at the very least, as a nation of reverse snobs whose monarchy go around looking like people who've come to walk the dogs, we could object on taste grounds.

Keeping with the transport theme Onion blogger had a nasty spill from his bike. We'd normally hope he feels better soon but from the following exchange we assume that he's probably fine:

I tired a DIY dressing job at home, but then scared the shit out of the fragrant mrs onionbagblogger when she returned home from the corporate commute.

'Nice gash,' she said.

'Likewise,' I replied.

Via email we were very happy to read that after considerable frustration, abuse of employers' time in multiple sectors and a webmaster who retired to front Canada's aspiring leading socio-political pop punk act, the new 3:AM Magazine site is now live. If it's not already in your bookmarks it should be.

And good luck to Rachel from North London who is in the final stage of editing her book.

Lastly a quick reminder to keep an eye on Handmade Cartography - 56 members strong already and with a slowly growing pool of maps this is one Flickr project we'd like to see take off.

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