Baby Blum: Deceased

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Baby Blum: Deceased

The oddest story we've stumbled across in a while:

The body of a baby has lain in a mortuary for 20 years because his parents refuse to accept the official cause of death. A pathologist told the parents of Christopher Blum that he died of cot death, but his parents are adamant that a triple vaccination he was given hours before his death was to blame... he has remained in the mortuary at Hornsey Coroner's Court, in a drawer marked 'Baby Blum: Deceased'.

The authorities and parents are in continual deadlock as to how to proceed. Over the years the the cost of keeping the baby's body frozen at £15-a-week has added up to around £15,000. Although Mr Blum could be asked to meet the costs and the body could be given a parish funeral so far the stalemate remains in place.

We don't believe in angels and heaven and all that stuff, but no matter what your belief system a drawer in Hornsey isn't much of an afterlife. Maybe it's time for a thorough reexamination of the death so the family can finally move on.

Last Updated 29 January 2007