al-Qaida Going for Gold?

By sizemore Last edited 146 months ago
al-Qaida Going for Gold?

So first we say we can put on a better Olympics than Paris and much to our surprise we were taken seriously. Much backtracking later and a LOT of scaling down of the very same plans that won us the bid, we realise that we can't afford it. And now the new security director of the 2012 London Olympics reckons that al-Qaida will want in on the games too:

The al-Qaida terrorist group is the top security threat to the 2012 London Olympics, the games' security director said Wednesday. Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur listed the terror group ahead of other potential threats such as organized crime, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

If you think that moving that many people around London was ever going to work then you're an optimist, but now add extra queues just about everywhere as punters will have to be screened before getting anywhere near the events. Nightmare.

And the attitude of those in charge means a rough time for even those involved in creating the infrastructure:

All foreign workers at the Olympic Park site will be fingerprinted and have their passports and papers copied for a central Olympic security database. "I would like to see DNA testing as well, but I don't think we will get away with that,"

No? How about just giving all the foreigners nice orange jumpsuits to wear and then shove up a couple of guard towers to keep them in line?

Paris must breathe a large sigh of relief every time a new Olympic story breaks. We recommend planning your holiday for 2012 now. We love this city to pieces, but not enough to stay here when this mess starts up.

Last Updated 25 January 2007