Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Is it already naff to refer to this one as 007? As the slow drag to work begins Londonist is also slowly waking from its drink induced slumber. Yesterday was bad. If a website is capable of shivering under a blanket trying its best not to throw up cheap wine and Swiss chocolate then we were that website.

Today is better. partly because we still have fun scorched retinas from the New Year's fireworks display that for a few minutes brought back all the fun of the Blitz with none of the death and destruction. We were worried the weather would spoil things, but as it turns out the high winds actually helped:

It blew away the smoke that often clouds views of the display, making the fireworks seem far brighter than usual. Christophe Berthonneau, the French pyrotechnician who created the show in partnership with Jack Morton Worldwide (JMW), said: “I was very pleased because the weather was so windy, which helped to make the colours even brighter. “Last year there was a lot of smoke hanging in the air, which got thicker and thicker. Even though we used the same high-quality Spanish fireworks in both displays, the colours were more vibrant this year because of the wind. It took place between two showers, so we were very lucky.”

Both Ken and random accountants now reckon our display is one in the Eye for Sydney. Who cares about cricket when you can make things go boom?

Police estimate that 350,000 people, the highest number since the millennium celebrations, travelled into the capital for the display.

But that doesn't count all the lazy bastards like ourselves who just sat on the rooftops exchanging the first (and probably last) pleasantries of the new year with seldom seen neighbours as the sky went insane.

Now, make the most of any New Year buzz still hanging around... soon be Christmas!

Photo credit: Happy New Year 2006! by Gwire.

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If you watched the fireworks for real, which I could from my upstairs window, you'd have missed the highlight of the new year. Nick Knowles commentary over the display, and I quote
"The smell of cordite in the air brings to mind at this time of year our men and women of the armed forces serving abroad".
I don't think I've laughed so much in ages!!!


Nice catch! :) I honestly can't remember the last time I watched that kind of thing on the TV. Good to know that they still hire idiots as commentators.

Oliver Wood

They may think it is great that 350000 descended onto London on new year's eve, but on Waterloo bridge there was absolutely no control as to how many people were allowed onto the bridge. The crowding became quite scary at one point, with many of us feeling we were about to be crushed. If Ken considers new year's in London a success he is a very sad person indeed. It doesn't matter how much you spend on fireworks, if you don't organise police and transport efficiently than it's an absolute failure. A disappointing start to 2007.