Wednesday Night at the London Polonium

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Wednesday Night at the London Polonium

The radioactive saga continues with news bouncing all over the Internet this evening, but none of it seeming to get us any closer to who done it. One person not spilling his guts (this side of Christmas at least) is Litvinenko himself according to the Russian News & Information Agency:

The autopsy results of Russian security service defector Alexander Litvinenko cannot be expected before Christmas

Will an autopsy help to explain how the radioactive isotope got there? One (dubious) source has a theory:

A Russian businessman who has been implicated in the mysterious London polonium poisoning case has told a German television channel that he thinks the dead man, Alexander Litvinenko, may have been a polonium smuggler.

ITV reports that the police are back:

All nine Scotland Yard detectives who went to Moscow to investigate the murder of Alexander Litvinenko have now returned to the UK.

But The Independent reckons they'll soon be off again:

British police investigating the murder of Alexander Litvinenko are considering whether to travel to Germany after re-interviewing a key witness in the hunt for his alleged poisoners.

None of this will help cheer up the hotel staff who now also show signs of being contaminated:

Tests on two members of staff at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair and on one at the Sheraton Hotel in Park Lane have shown exposure to polonium 210, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said. The agency said that the levels were not significant enough to result in illness.

While the Taipei Times helpfully points out our move from Londonistan to Londongrad, Moscow-on-Thames:

London has always been a place where the super-rich and idle from around the world could gather, but today's uber-rich expatriates of note are making big waves


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