Warning: Dust & Polar Bears Ahead

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Warning: Dust & Polar Bears Ahead

We have to admit that we don't sit around watching the information change on TFL's realtime travel news so we weren't aware that the service had been taken over by the General Oblation Board. Good job they're so on the ball otherwise commuters this morning would have been rolling around in original sin:

WATERLOO & CITY LINE: Suspended due to excessive dust on platforms.

Odd then that there's no general alert concerning armoured bears on the Northern Lights Line. We'd have thought they would have erred on the side of caution after a polar bear was spotted at the Horniman Museum. And then there's the one they lost:

The Horniman Museum is currently appealing to anyone who can help locate the Horniman polar bear (pictured). The polar bear was part of the original 1901 display (aquired at the 1886 Colonial and Indian Exhibition in South Kensington).

They should try putting up a few 'Lost: Polar Bear' signs up on lamposts - nowhere near Forbidden Planet though as we wouldn't want to get any Lost fans overexcited.

And if the Gobblers leave you baffled you should really get around to reading His Dark Materials before the movies roll out...

Last Updated 04 December 2006