Trash: The End is Nigh

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Trash: The End is Nigh

If there was a list of London's most influential clubnights over the last ten years, then Monday-nighter Trash would definitely be on it. Originally hosted at Plastic People (then on Oxford Street) in 1997, it set out to merge the boundaries between dance and rock music, and well, just play good stuff that everyone could dance to. Going via The Annex before arriving at current venue The End in 2000, promoter Erol Alken has played and booked bands at the club across the spectrum from Scissor Sisters, to Bloc Party to Soulwax, and DJ-ed alongside guests such as Tiga, Jacques Lu Cont as well as having carved out a world-famous DJing career for himself.

Now, as the club celebrates it's 10th birthday in January, it's been announced that Trash is finished. Something else, which "will play the similiar important role which Trash plays" will replaces it but "trash/flashing red neon lights / Smiths / Bowie etc - it's over".

What that something else is, is yet to be told. But if you've never been to Trash, or gave up on it, getting cosy into your slippers, a while ago, now is surely the time to give into the ultimate sin - Monday night clubbing.

Trash is held at The End, just behind New Oxford Street and costs £5 to get in. Remaining clubdates are 11/12, 18/12, Wed 27/12 and Monday 7th January. Read the fascinating history of the club online.

Photo pilfered from Dirty Dirty Dancing's flickr stream

Last Updated 08 December 2006