Santa's Lap: The Sultan's Elephant

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Santa's Lap: The Sultan's Elephant

You'd need a strong lap... luckily the good people at the Sultan's Elephant dot com have reduced the beast to book format; Four Magical Days in May: How an Elephant Won the Heart of a City:

The 104-page, full colour book is packed with stunning photographs by Matthew Andrews and Sophie Laslett, and includes essays by the writer Howard Jacobson, theatre critic Susannah Clapp and theatre practitioners Edward Taylor (of the Whalley Range Allstars) and Julian Crouch (Improbable). There are also interviews by some of those who made the show possible, including Royal de Luxe's director Jean-Luc Courcoult, the production controller and representatives from the Metropolitan Police, Westminster Council, London Buses and Royal Parks.

You can order the book direct from the website and if you order it before the 18th they guarantee delivery before Christmas. If you don't think that's a great gift then we'll have to send the big guy over to have a word...

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Last Updated 05 December 2006