Notes From The Road

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Notes From The Road

Notes From The City

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By the time you read this I'll be in Dublin on the second day of a two week tour. Currently I am putting off packing for said tour by writing this. There's questionable logic at work.

Watch out next weekend for Notes From The Road - complete with tourbus sweat, blood and tears..

Last Updated 02 December 2006

michaela stowe

dublin gig was awesome.
haha. you filmed us singing checkin it out .
well i kinda jus moved my mouth haha .
and then i went to get a pik with u and my stepdad turned the camera off by accident!
haha gay!
bt loved the gig!
was the best!
cant wait til the next one!
heard you are playing at the childline gig.
am gutted all my mates got tickets. and i didnt =[
but id rather go to just a chris gig without all the other artists haha..
btw love ya hair :P