Merry Christ! OMFG etc etc...

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Merry Christ! OMFG etc etc...

What was that we just said? Well, that mostly wraps things up for Londonist in '06... Yeah right. What we should have said is that mostly wraps things up for London in '06 because according to ABC we are ho ho ho fucked. Check out that headline:

London Braces for Attack; 'Miracle' If There Isn't One

Are you braced? We're not braced. We have a nut roast to worry about and a Christmas episode of Doctor Who to slag off. That should be enough.

British intelligence and law enforcement officials have passed on a grim assessment to their U.S. counterparts, "It will be a miracle if there isn't a terror attack over the holidays in London," a senior American law enforcement official tells

Well it is the season for miracles...

"It is not a matter of if there will be an attack, but how bad the attack will be," an intelligence official told Authorities say they are seeking at least 18 suspected suicide bombers.

The only silver lining is that with the Standard already going over the top about the bloody weather they haven't really left themselves much room to maneuver if something really bad does happen. If, instead of a headline, on the news-stands we just see a photo of the paper's editorial staff masturbating over projected circulation figures we'll know something exploded.

Last Updated 22 December 2006