Know Your Escape Routes

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Know Your Escape Routes

Westminster City Council just never stop thinking:

Bailing out of a dull Christmas office party has been made easier with the launch of a new texting service. The "excuse text" is part of a free service launched by Westminster City Council, which includes a list of travel numbers and mobile phone alerts. The four-week, £70,000 council-funded campaign, aims at ensuring revellers get home safely after a night out. "And if making small talk with the boss is just too much, the excuse text will help you get away", the council said.

The Some things you only do when you're drunk 'initiative' will slowly spread over central London like a leaky Christmas crotch in the form of beer mats and posters for the tube and toilets.

It's a nice festive leap to go from a survey that showed some party goers ended up being the victim of violent behaviour to a text messaging service to get you away from your boss.

Here's five things that Londonist has only done when it's drunk:

1. Ate puke from a urinal

2. Created a vomit sprinkler system after a run in with Jack Daniels

3. Drank an ashtray

4. Slept in a security guard's hut

5. Danced Grover style to the Sesame Street Fever album

Last Updated 04 December 2006