Dave Haste
By Dave Haste Last edited 145 months ago
Massive illuminated snowman

If you’ve travelled through the Canary Wharf area in the last week or so, you may have noticed a bloody great 12 metre tall illuminated snowman sitting by the footbridge over West India Dock.

You can get an intriguing view of the back of his head from the DLR as it passes through West India Quay station, but to really get the best effect you’ll need to view him from the front – he is facing more-or-less due west, smiling at the City (or so we like to think).

We love Frosty. We want to give him a big Christmassy hug, but even Londonist’s collective arms aren’t long enough to go around him. (And he’s somewhat cordoned off, so we can’t quite get close enough anyway.)

To be honest though, we’re not entirely sure what he’s doing in the Docklands. Or how he got there. Or how long he’s planning on staying. So if anyone knows anything about him, please feel free to illuminate us…

Last Updated 19 December 2006