Clash over Powers

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Clash over Powers

KAPOW! Only a month after plans to give Ken more powers were announced, the Conservatives are looking for a way to limit them:

Tory MP for Putney, Justine Greening, warned the extension of planning powers would mean that local councillors and local people would be "increasingly overridden" - taking power out of local people's hands.

WALLOP! Ken hit back:

"Those who oppose this tidying up of the planning process will block more affordable homes for Londoners," he warned. "Under the planning proposals, borough councils will still decide over 99% of all planning applications, with the Mayor having a new right to approve a very small number of major applications of London-wide importance. My priority will be to use these powers to stop Councils obstructing plans for new affordable homes for Londoners."

BIFF! There was then a quick flourish of his cape and he was gone.

BOLLOCK! We fear that this battle of wills will escalate into an all out conflict. With the Conservatives recently finding the Spear of Destiny and the Lib Dems working on their own Metahuman project things could get very messy indeed around City Hall.

Last Updated 13 December 2006