Changing Rooms

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Changing Rooms

Interesting article in today's New York Sun about the extent the police over there are going to to train their officers to spot a terrorist's lair:

Inside is a mess of hydrogen peroxide bottles, boxes of pepper, used shower caps and gloves. The counter of a small kitchen is caked in white powder; the bathtub holds vats of cooling chemicals. At first glance it would appear like an abandoned drug lab, but that would be a fatal mistake, according to Sergeant Philip Rogan at the New York Police Department's Counterterrorism division. The room — which is actually a trailer in the parking lot of an unmarked counterterrorism facility in Brooklyn — is a replica of the Leeds apartment where the London bombers created five backpacks of explosives that were used to kill 52 people on July 7, 2005.

The room is set up to train police officers in what to look out for regarding telltale signs of terrorist activity.

No photos, but with the mess the Americans make every single time they try and recreate anything slightly British we're worried the room will be full of bowler hats, Bobbys on bicycles and Dick Van Dyke standing in the corner.

And with all the confusion over London Bridge and Tower Bridge there's also the possibility that they accidentally recreated a room from six streets over.

Maybe Gothamist can get a peep inside...

Last Updated 14 December 2006