Bad Santa

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Bad Santa

Great Christmas story over on Yahoo:

Harrods has sacked a Father Christmas for his offensive remarks, the world-famous London department store has said. The sinning Santa had his contract torn up after two complaints from customers visiting the Father Christmas World grotto at the store in west London's plush Knightsbridge district. He had asked one family of South Asian origin whether they should be shopping at a less prestigious supermarket instead, Metro newspaper reported Wednesday. He also asked in a lewd fashion whether their teenage daughter fancied staying and sitting on his knee, it said.

A clear case of life immitating art.

We recently got chatting to the entrenched clergy at Harrods and were surprised that the store needed Faith on tap. It did make us wonder what kind of pressure you have to go through working in a place that waits on the rich, the spoiled and a bevvy of lost tourists.

Maybe Santa finally cracked after having to listen to how little Cuthbert wanted a bigger yacht this year.

Last Updated 06 December 2006