2007 to get off to explosive start

By sizemore Last edited 143 months ago
2007 to get off to explosive start

We're getting a 10-minute firework display to see in 2007:

A sound and light show, including giant building projections, will precede the pyrotechnics at the London Eye, the mayor's office said. There will be free travel on selected services and no congestion charge between Christmas and the New Year. Mayor Ken Livingstone said the free travel would make it "easier to get out and about and safely home".

Cool. We're already warming to the idea of 2007. Even writing out the number feels easier. 2006 ends in that bottom heavy turgid number that Satan was so fond of while 2007 finishes with the kind of digit flourish that helps explain the smile on Don Diego de la Vega's face as he carved his letter of choice into the backsides of so many hapless Mexican soldiers.

But we digress. New year pyrotechnics. Remember to keep the cats in.

Last Updated 18 December 2006