WiFi Express

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WiFi Express

We always welcome more WiFi in the capital... if only it could all be free too. The latest spot to get hot is a moving target - the Heathrow Express:

T-Mobile will be providing on-board wireless broadband access on Heathrow Express trains, the operator announced on Tuesday... As of early 2007, users will be able to buy access passes on board the train and continue to use them at T-Mobile's hot spots at Heathrow or in London. Similarly, holders of T-Mobile's access passes bought elsewhere will be able to use them on the Heathrow Express. Precise pricing details aren't yet available, but it's thought that it will be the same as T-Mobile's standard Wi-Fi service, where one hour of access costs £5.

At least they're not charging a fiver for just the 15 minute journey. The fact that the service will work in tunnels is good news too as if this is a success we can probably expect to see similar services rolled out on other trains.

Last Updated 08 November 2006