News From Around The Ist-a-verse

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Last Updated 27 November 2006

News From Around The Ist-a-verse


If you're hiking, consider charging up your iPod, as Seattlest finds out that a man lost during a hike was found by the glow of his iPod. That cleverness seems to be devoid in cops who were using police cruiser instant messaging clients - although we imagine IMs "so are you nakie" to be included in cop shows, just for realism. If only the cops were busting the Hummer-driving jerk who made a poor parking decision (picture above).

Torontoist has some awesome, cutting edge news: A movie is being made about a gay hockey player - filmmakers even got approval from the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs! Also awesome: Toronto's "Do the Sneeze Sleeve Campaign". And most awesome is this dreamy photograph of Toronto's skyline in fog.

Phillyist prepares for Thanksgiving. Which is more fun that being demanded to accompany a stranger to lunch. And here's a little street randomness to keep you amused.

Sampaist has fun with new attractions for skaters, X-treme Motorsports and talking to Los Pirata. Not so fun: Fare increase for trains and subways.

In London, it's a crime for a pet store to sell pets… without a license. Tube-enthusiasts, rejoice, as stations are named and renamed! And Gordon Ramsay wants to buy a few pubs?

For some reason, Newsweek calls San Francisco "loony" and SFist tries to understand why. But how can you call a city "loony" when the big Macy's puts ASPCA kittens in the window and has awesome chocolate factory tours?

Austinist wants its readers to make sure its fair city doesn't slip any further in the Top Arts Destination in America rankings. Already a winner: The Victory Grill, which was deemed official historic landmark and will be turned into a café for everyone's entertainment. But if Austin were being ranked for Best City to Find a 7 Year-Old Making 50 Prank Calls to 911 Just Because He Had a Cell Phone, it would win hands-down!

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LAist is in a "to the videotape" kind of mood. A USC fan gets kicked out of a game for being in UCLA territory; U.S. soldiers behave badly; and what happens when your neighbors are burly and like to shoot guns.

In the Beltway, DCist looks at the finalized plans for the convention center. In other development news, the Metro will be going above ground, not under, over at Tysons. And if you have a sweet tooth, head over to Baltimore for the Berger Cookie.

Parisist finds City of Lights bloggers to be randy. And who wouldn't be, when macaroons like these are around? And don't worry – Parisian craigslist is totally nuts, too.

In Shanghai, it turns out the Chinese, just like cheeseheads in Wisconsin, are into chocolate-covered cheese. But nowhere else can claim a building development that claims the world's highest observatory (naturally!), which will be at the Shanghai Hills. But even having the world's highest observatory is no condolence for the cancellation of the Shanghai Animal Olympics.

Chicagoist embarks on that favorite political pundit past time – pondering Barack Obama in 2008. But that past time will never overtake the past time of thinking Chicago winters suck! But the Windy City can warm up with Thanksgiving recipes and this interview with the head of the Marshall Field's McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade, who says about the helium shortage, "Last year, we had Miss Piggy as one of our balloons, and as you can imagine, she was an enormous balloon."

New York Yankee Derek Jeter didn't get the American League MVP award and New Yorkers freak out. Also great for contemplation or freaking out: Representative Charles Rangel saying he wants to re-introduce the draft. Great for freaking out: The insane climate changes that will come to New York (and the rest of the world) in the next 10 years. Most awkward freak-out apology: Michael Richards apologizing on David Letterman for his racist rant.

Let's get ready for the holiday season with Houstonist's regifting guide. Of course, one Katy, Texas man, in jail for trying to kill his wife, tried to send her a birthday gift (a serious no-no, it seems!), so we're not sure what he's going to do for Christmas. But it's not clear that the giving spirit is in the heart of Congresswoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, as she said that her inherited staffers (Sekula-Gibbs was elected to serve out former Representative Tom DeLay's term till January) just didn't want to work hard. And, also, happy first birthday, Houstonist!