Gas Limos Project revealed

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Gas Limos Project revealed

Dhiren Barot who admitted conspiracy to murder last month, "planned to pack limousines with gas cylinders and also use a radioactive "dirty" bomb":

"There were plans for the detonation of a radiation dispersal device, more commonly known as a dirty bomb, the use of a petrol tanker to cause an explosion, and an attack on London's rail or Underground network, including the Heathrow Express, of an explosion on a Tube train while in a tunnel under the River Thames."

The prosecution said Barot had written: "Imagine the chaos that would be caused if a powerful explosion were to rip through here [London] and actually rupture the river itself.

"That would cause pandemonium, what with the explosions, flooding, drowning etc that would occur."

Barot also made plans to attack targets in the U.S. although his lawyers insist that he had neither funding nor the materials to carry out the plans. The case continues...

Last Updated 06 November 2006