Easy Protest

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Easy Protest

EasyJet have felt the eco-wrath of protest this morning:

Twelve people from Plane Stupid climbed onto the roof of Easygroup's office in Camden, north London, on Monday morning while another six blocked the entrance. Protesters, who stayed at the building for about four hours, said they felt they had made their point. Easygroup said there was little disruption to business. Protesters scaled the building at about 0650 GMT and unfurled a banner which read 'End Short Haul Flights'.

Before finding the nearest exit there was a little rhetoric about Blair (who "talks the talk") but the incident seems to have been a little muffled by the fact that EasyJet isn't based at those particular offices:

James Rothnie, of Easygroup, said: "The airline Easyjet functions out of Luton. A lot of my colleagues were asking what the protesters were doing here and I think most were baffled as Easyjet is not based here."

It seems just like planes, protests too can veer slightly off course...

Last Updated 06 November 2006