Café Scientifique And The Developing World

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Café Scientifique And The Developing World

Interesting debate taking place tomorrow at 7pm as part of the Café Scientifique series at the Photographers' Gallery (5 Great Newport Street, Covent Garden).

Basic research is a costly endeavour for any nation. How important is it for developing nations to devote scarce resources to science? And how can the global scientific community work together most efficiently?

Those unfamiliar with the issues here can get plenty of background info from the wonderful website.

The event will be co-chaired, as usual, by Daniel Glaser of the Wellcome Trust (and the presenter of the recent BBC series "Under Laboratory Conditions"), and Ashish Ranpura of UCL. The talk is in conjunction with the Photography Gallery's current exhibition, which explores notions of shared identity between north Africa and France. Whence the picture at the top of this post - La Femme Seule (2005) by Brahim Fritah.

Note: Regular readers, especially those of a scientific bent, may have noticed the absence of the Cogito Ergo Summary over the past couple of weeks. And, alas, the column will be no more, now that this Londonista is working on a new website for scientific Londoners to be launched early next year. More on that nearer the time. Meanwhile, we'll still post about the occasional sciency thing. We just can't help ourselves.

Last Updated 13 November 2006