Bond staying where he belongs?

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Bond staying where he belongs?
Fan. Fucking. Tastic

Looks like the next Bond movie will be made here in London despite earlier reports that the franchise could be moving somewhere cheaper:

Broccoli has mellowed, and is keen to keep 007 in London - with DANIEL CRAIG starring again following his critically acclaimed performance in CASINO ROYALE. She says, "We'd like to do another two or three with Daniel and we'd like to film the next one in London."

We saw Casino Royale yesterday and loved it - initial fears over casting came to nothing and Craig brings a much needed thuggishness to the role. It turns out the blonde hair wasn't too much of an issue either as he spends a lot of the film covered in blood. From the very start he's also just a little bit insane - where as say Brosnan's Bond would cooly calculate the odds and come up with an escape route, Craig's Bond just blows things up and hopes for the best.

Roll on the next one...

Last Updated 16 November 2006