Videobox: Klaxons - Magick

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Videobox: Klaxons - Magick
The Klaxons

Watch Magick: snipshot_1abbvhb68g.jpg here

If you read the NME, you've probably heard quite a bit about The Klaxons. Christened practically the greatest thing ever, and the frontrunners of the supposed 'new rave' movement; Jamie Reynolds, Simon Taylor, and James Righton are three boys from London who've been causing waves not only in the UK but over in the US as well.

The whole 'rave' thing? Well, Atlantis To Interscope certainly ups the tempo and adds crazy bleeps and squelches, but you're not exactly going to be found dancing in a field in the cold to it. Despite their recent live cover of essential 90s dance track Not Over Yet, The Klaxons seem to us to be a much more excited Bloc Party, complete with even more yelps than Kele and crew manage. Post-punk disco it is, and former single Gravity's Rainbow even sounds a little, dare we say it, Justin Timberlake-y when we hear it out in clubs.

Magick is out on Monday and to celebrate we've got a 7" single to give away. Simply fill in this form and tell us what your favourite 'old rave' song is! We'll let you know if you've won next Friday!

Last Updated 27 October 2006