Still heftier than a catwalk model

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Still heftier than a catwalk model

The poor Thames Whale was briefly back in the public eye on Friday, although looking a lot thinner than we remember:

Pictures of the whale that became stranded in the river Thames, went on display at London's Natural History Museum on Friday. The 11-year-old female northern bottlenose hit the headlines in January after mistakenly swimming up the river. The display includes a video of work to preserve its remains.

Sadly this was only a two day deal and although there are plans afoot to place the actual skeleton into an exhibition it probably won't happen for another two or three years. The bones represent a bittersweet opportunity for the Natural History Museum as the species is rare making this the first complete Northern Bottlenose Whale skeleton to enter its collection.

The Hoff should be thanking his lucky stars that this isn't the way we preserve all our visiting celebrities.

Last Updated 09 October 2006