Star Mapping

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Star Mapping

Hammersmith & Fulham (and a few other London boroughs) put their heads together to drum up a bit of tourism and have come up with a West London movie map entitled Go West:

One in five visitors are inspired to holiday in Britain because of a film they have seen. Today, film tourism is a growing global phenomenon creating a new breed of tourist – the ‘set-jetter’.

Set jetter - nice.

West London is the media hub of London, home of the BBC and Ealing Studios. The area also offers a huge range of locations for filming, from the "rich slice of urban life" in Hammersmith & Fulham to the country houses of Hounslow.

Urban life... hmm

What the map reveals is that there's a lot of crap (Harry Potter, Love Actually, Sliding Doors, Green Street, Bend it like Beckham) made in West London, but a lot of cool stuff too (The Devil Rides Out, The Battle of Britain, Shaun of the Dead, Madness of King George, A Clockwork Orange). How much of those fictional versions of London remain is hard to say, but hey, it's a map and who doesn't like following one of those around for a glimpse of the place where Clive Owen or Judi Dench got sweaty.

Here's the pdf version, but it's a little ungainly so it's probably best to just nip out and grab a real one from the cinema or library.

Last Updated 03 October 2006