Something For The Weekend?

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Something For The Weekend?

Need some pointless Friday afternoon fun? Inspired by Stephen Reed Industrial Design's rather fabulous Scrabble-tile benches, installed in the Bloomberg London offices, we did a little bit of research in to the game responsible for family rows nationwide.

Did you know...?

Scrabble was created a remarkable 68 years ago by the even more remarkably named Alfred Mosher Butts, an American architect.

It was first called Lexico then Criss Cross Words, but was changed to Scrabble ("a word meaning "to grope frantically"") by entrepreneur James Brunot.

"The highest possible legal score on a first turn is MUZJIKS", giving 128 points.

Stephen Reed Industrial Design weren't going for high scores with LOVE - a measly 7 points. TRUTH gives you 8, interesting news for philanderers everywhere. We can't quite see the word on the other couch but the clear winner is SEX with 10 points.

Something for the weekend, sir?

Image courtesy of pstars's Flickr stream

Last Updated 20 October 2006