News From Around The ist-a-verse

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Last Updated 22 October 2006

News From Around The ist-a-verse


Let's take a look back at a week that raised this Zen koan: if Kevin Federline got into a wrestling ring with a wrestler, who would you root for?

Austinist was in an entertainment state of mind as they covered the dickens out of the Austin Film Festival, depicted all the Big 12 football coaches as South Park characters, and interviewed Jose Gonzalez.

Chicagoist talked about the passion as they bid adieu to Bell Beer, went medieval on vending machines, and loved some of Da Bears.

DCist went wonky this week as they discussed affordable housing and their probable new Mayor meeting with New York's Mayor Mike to discuss schools. Oh, and puppies. Cute, adorable puppies.

Gothamist checked out a Strokes/Kanye West show, pondered how long one should wait in line for a muffin and had their hearts broken in real-time as they live-blogged Game 7 of the Cards/Mets series.

LAist was in a loving mood as they loved Howard Stern on satellite radio, a Keith Olbermann rant, and some photos of a Burning Man Decompression party.

Londonist was all about sex and violence as they got a vist by Hugh Hefner and LL Cool J pulled a Jim Morrison only to see an internet chat-room fight dissolve into one guy going after another with a pick-axe.

Parisist was all over the Euro Disney "sex-tape" (seriously, check it out), linked to a video of some home-made video of travel trips, and threw themselves into the middle of a big debate on blogging (in French).

Phillyist pondered some great ideas, ideas like New Jersey not being half-bad, or a web site that delivers beer online. They also gawked once again at pretty, pretty pictures.

102006_robber.jpgHoustonist, however, pondered some really bad ideas. Like robbing a bank with really bad hair. Or tasering a SF indie band. Or gardeners refusing to work for gay clients.

Sampaist said hello and had cool footage of a Red Bull formula racer running around Sao Paulo (text in portugese).

Seattlest was in a party mood as they cheered getting free beer at the top of a Mt. Pilchuck, a John Hodgman reading, and their sports guy was nominated for an award.

SFist thanked the Heavens for providing them with such entertaining political leaders. Their Mayor's 20 year-old girlfriend is got caught drinking, a state Assemblywoman was totally crushing on their Governor, and a fight over police foot patrols turned into a battle royale between the cops and a member of their Board of Supervisors.

Torontoist pondered all things silly this week, like silly Toronto Mayors in history or the U.S. Coast Guard taking live target practice over the Great Lakes and the silliest of sillies- a new Monty Python musical.

Image of the giant slides at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall from Londonist M@

Other image of funny-haired robber from Houstonist

Written by SFist Jon