News From Around The -ists

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Last Updated 08 October 2006

News From Around The -ists

Somehow, the world of -ists managed to make it through the week despite news that Jen & Vince broke up.

-Chicagoist had fall on their mind as they made squash and fudge, read "House of Leaves" and tried to figure out what's next for the Cubs. Not fall related, but still of utmost concern, the whole skinny black pants thing.

-Torontoist fought off an evil scourge of raccoons and went to go see who would win a boxing match between a novelist and a poet. Spoiler alert- the poet won. To ease their minds, they took in the Nuit Blanche art exhibit.

-Seattlest was in a jumping mood as they discussed bridge jumpers and politicians jumping into the Mark Foley fray. They had a fray themselves as they debated umbrellas. Turns out, in a place where it rains all the time, carrying umbrellas is for losers.

-Parisist reports on probably the biggest, most shocking story ever— a smoking ban in France! They also wrote about movies about Paris and a new building to be built by architect Frank Gehry.

-SFist debated Blue Angel planes flying over the Bay and whether saying no to fat strippers is okay, but their big story, indeed maybe the biggest story to hit their city since the big one in 1906, was the Mayor let his hair down literally.

-Phillyist raged as only Philadelphians could about dumb-ass MNF commentators and rising homicide rates in the city. To calm themselves down, they also had an interview with a local photographer.

-DCist wondered what's up with all the college protesting going on and all the rules and regulations governing the use of Metro Station bathrooms. And get well, Martha the Eagle!

-Besides launching a pretty cool news map, Gothamist was all over the raucous appearance by the head of the Minutemen at Columbia University and a weird story involving a group of Lesbians attacking a man for allegedly trying to hit on one of them. They also discussed the breaking story that housing is really expensive in New York. Color us shocked.

-Shanghaiist celebrated National Day Holiday with a photo of a traditional way of celebrating. Not celebrating are protestors who are upset over government corruption and the State Administration for Radio, Film, and Television who think there's too many TV shows showing adultery. But what else is there to watch?