Most Depressing Headline Ever?

By Rob Last edited 211 months ago

Last Updated 27 October 2006

Most Depressing Headline Ever?

We had high hopes for the Electric proms. It's a great idea, they've got some brilliant musicians and bands involved and there's some really exciting stuff happening...

...but someone always has to go and ruin it for everyone else don't they:


This article has the wrongness on so many levels it's difficult to know where to start, although this sentence might be a good place:

The gig marked singer Nic Cester's return to the stage after he was recently struck down with acute laryngitis...

After he was recently struck down? That might have to be the ugliest, stupidest sentence we've ever read.

And we're not just saying his because it's the NME. Ok, so they threatened to sue us that time but it's not like we've got a vendetta against them or anything, they're just shit because they insist on reporting on crap like this while ignoring the interesting and fun elements of the capital's (not to mention the country's) music scene.

Rant over.