London Art To See Before You Die?

By Rob Last edited 211 months ago

Last Updated 30 October 2006

London Art To See Before You Die?

The Guardian's website unveiled its new arts and entertainment blog today and their first big article is on top 20 works of art to see before you die.

So of course the first question we asked was 'how many are in London'?

What do you reckon? Seven? Five? Three?

Nope, just one: the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum.

We're not going to pass any judgment on that (we'll leave you to do that in the Comments) but we do know for a fact that London has a pretty decent collection of unmissable art that should be seen before kicking the bucket, so we thought we should compile our own list.

Your suggestions for works of art to see in London before you die please. Leave them in the comments section or email us on the usual address and we'll post up the results at a later date.