KITT Outed by Best Friend

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KITT Outed by Best Friend

We've been trying to think of an excuse to give in and add HOFF as a category and then we go and miss this story from Friday:

David Hasselhoff Says "Knight Rider" Car Was Gay

Headlines like that come along only a few times in a journalist's career. Maira Oliveira over at All Headline News must feel as chuffed as when Lois Lane got an 'exclusive' from that guy in the red pants.

Normally we'd have to find a tenuous link to justify linking this nonsense up here, but thank God Glen A Larson that the story also mentions the Hoff falling asleep on GMTV and then justifying the nap by revealing his celebrity travel log:

"I was really tired. I'd been in Vancouver then Leeds, then Manchester then Croydon."

And of course now everyone reckons he was drunk... If the new Knightrider movie could just have a sozzled Hoff behind the wheel of a shocking pink Trans Am we'd probably watch it twice.

It's just a shame The Swayze can't up his game and compete on this level.

Last Updated 09 October 2006