Israeli Embassy Row

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Israeli Embassy Row

Ian Blair is going to have to break out his URGENT REVIEW rubber stamp once again this morning, after a huge row erupted over a decision not to post a Muslim officer at the Israeli embassy.

The Sun originally broke the story that Constable Alexander Omar Basha of the diplomatic protection group had told his bosses he was "unable to help guard the embassy in west London because he morally objected to Israel's 34-day war against Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon," and he was then excused from duty last week.

Now phrases such as "beginning of the end for British policing" are being thrown about and the Met have got egg all over their faces for the....oh we've lost count...time this year.

But it's an interesting question: with the Met actively recruiting from ethnic and religious communities is it it ok to extend special treatment in individual cases where religion is the main factor?

Last Updated 05 October 2006