ICA & Frightfest Halloween doublebill and Allnighter

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ICA & Frightfest Halloween doublebill and Allnighter

Frightfest have teamed up with the ICA to put on a bit of a Halloween bash:

It’s time to put on make-up, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to get things started on The Feebles show tonight! Yes, Peter Jackson’s grotesque Muppet-style marvel Meet The Feebles returns to shock and offend again. Before Team America and Avenue Q, and in a gore guffaw galaxy far, far before The Lord of the Rings, the maverick director crafted this shocking, sick and sidesplitting Sesame Street affair where a cast of fluffy characters indulge every debauched vice. How great to thrill along again to Trevor, the drug pushing, porno filmmaking, Sewer Rat, cuckolded Heidi the Hippo, manic-depressive Sid the Elephant, and the marvelous duckling dancers. If you’ve never seen it, you won’t have seen anything like it. If you have, well, you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself for dying to review such seminal bad taste from the Bad Taste fiend himself. The evening continues with Night of the Living Dead cult director George A Romero’s first teaming with bestselling fright knight Stephen King. In the Creepshow anthology, zombie fathers, space fungus, caged creatures, walking dead and cockroach phobia are amongst the shockers in a terrific tribute to the ghoulish EC Comics of the 1950s.

Creepshow on the big screen? Ted Danson as a zombie! How can you resist that? And Meet the Feebles is a firm Londonist favourite - Jackson should be making a sequel to that and putting those Hobbit idiots well behind him.

That's October 31st, but November 4th sees an allnighter! 9.30 pm Saturday night to 8.00 am Sunday morning at the ICA sees screenings of Gone, Turistas, Re-Cycle, The Raven and Heartstopper. Oh and the bar's open until 5am...

Full details here.

Last Updated 05 October 2006