"I may be in trouble for saying this..."

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"I may be in trouble for saying this..."

Boris is at it again. This time four gaffes in just a few hours at the Tory party conference.

Gaffe one!

"If I was in charge I would get rid of Jamie Oliver and tell people to eat what they like... Mothers have been driven to pushing pies through fences. The solution is not to provide healthy stuff."

He later claimed he had been misinterpreted,

"The BBC are completely wrong, what I said was 'let them eat liver and bacon'."

Gaffe two! Boris recently was recently criticised by the RAC for allowing his sons to share the front seat of a sports car he was driving. His response?

"When I was growing up we all bounced around like peas in a rattle - did it do us any harm?"

Perhaps it did Boris...

Gaffe three!

"As a Scot, Gordon Brown will find it hard to convince people in England he should be prime minister."

We love the word gaffe.

Gaffe four! In a fringe meeting he told Tories that giving power to local communities could result in sharia law. Before letting everyone know of his views on this particular topic he used the telling prefix, "I may be in trouble for saying this"

"Supposing Tower Hamlets or parts of Bradford were to become governed by religious zealots believing in that system. Are we ready for complete autonomy if it means sharia law?"


Mr Johnson was then hounded by reporters, photographers and TV cameramen and had to retreat to the conference press office for half an hour where he presumably calmed down with a nice plate of piping hot liver and bacon.

Update: Thanks to Londonist reader, Dave, who directed us to this link to video of Boris being hounded by the press. It's certainly interesting - we can't work out what is worse, the way the press treat Boris or Boris's feigned ignorance.

Last Updated 04 October 2006