Friendship means wanting to hit you with a spade

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Friendship means wanting to hit you with a spade

There's an interesting interview with ex-Clash drummer Terry Chimes over on the BBC's Magazine website. Not surprisingly things drift away from the retired punk and now very happy chiropractor(!) to focus on Joe Strummer, but its well worth a read.

What caught our eye were some of the comments left from the fans:

My earliest memory of Terry was his pseudonym - "Tory Crimes"

...was never a real Clash fan. However, I am a fan of Terry Chimes. He is mine and my children's chiropractor and is extremely good at his job.

the music IS great, apart from the second, fourth and final albums.

we shared a bottle of Vodka with Joe and Topper

...loved the Clash since I saw them on kids tv (I think it may have been Tiswas) when I was 8 years old

As a chiropractor and long time fan of The Clash growing up in London, this story is exciting to read

I'm off to play "safe european home" and educate my kids (again)

I remember Joe saying once he was gutted when Terry left after the first album and "wanted to hit him with a spade"!

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