Forget the Hoff, It's all about the Heff!

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Forget the Hoff, It's all about the Heff!

During her daily early-morning dog walking expedition through Hyde Park (no, not the Kevin Spacey variety), a Londonist contributor encountered a man wearing a navy blue outfit and cap, with natty red scarf, standing next to a pile of golf balls, practicing his golf swing as if Hyde Park were his personal driving range. He looked oddly like Hugh Hefner.

Another regular park-goer, known only as English Sheepdog owner, spotted a similar looking man, and again thinks it was the world's most famous dressing gown owner. Whether this was a spotting swayed by the knowlege that the main man himself possibly has a place in Mayfair, is yet to be uncovered.

In any case, we've started imagining what the world would be like if Westminster Council got very drunk one evening and decided to allow Mr Hefner to redevlope Hyde Park as a Playboy Mansion. Of course there would need to be both male and female harems, because it's a public park and we can't have favouritism. The Serpentine would be need to be heated, turning into a giant hot tub, with another advantage being that those loony Serpentine swimmers would no longer have to break ice to have their swim on Christmas Day.

Ladies and gents, the Hoff is soooo the summer of 2006. This Winter, the Heff is the cool dude in town and if you're lucky, he might even be searching for a British wife! We've already had another spotting on Oxford Street, so it's looking likely that our Heff-a-like is in fact the real deal.

If you spot an aged gentleman teetering down the street in a dressing gown then do let us know, or if he's simply a very good lookalike, then please, kind sir, reveal yourself.

Last Updated 20 October 2006