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Extra, Extra
Skeleton Silhouette
  • Our share of the ''mounting NHS debt crisis' is even bigger than previously expected according to new figures. The technical term for the situation appears to be 'meltdown'.
  • Ken Livingstone has sent a 'message of support' to London's Muslim community to coincide with 70th anniversary of the defeat of Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts at Cable Street.
  • A Natural History Museum curator has discovered a new species of bird while leading an expedition to the remote Yariguies mountains in Columbia.
  • As you may have already heard, the South kicked the North's arse in yesterday's Run London race. This Londonist (South) completed the 10km in one hour and three minutes. While Londonist Hazel (North) managed it in 1:05 (and lost two toenails in the process).
  • Has anyone else heard anything of this night of 'non power'? So far all the links we've found seem to have a religious slant to them. Weird.
  • Image of orang-utan skeleton hanging from the ceiling of the Natural History Museum courtesy of MykReeve via the Londonist flickr group. See also his great image of the Thames Whale's dorsal fin in a jar,

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    Ah, those weird religionists with their weird anti-climate change religonist propaganda. Except that that link seems devoid of any religious slant (other than the website it's on I suppose). Could you point us to some weird religon link? I'd love to see their background. (This is why you need a religious correspondent)


    I didn't say religion was weird.

    I said all the links we'd found for this event had a religious slant i.e. 'churches are being asked to cooperate', or something similar.

    As it happens there is a link to the campaign website in that artcile: http://www.icount.org.uk/.

    The fact that you picked up on the word weird in that item and jumped all over it is the very reason we don't have a religion corespondent (that, and the fact God almost certainly doesn't exist).


    Fair point about the not saying religion was weird thing, I did indeed misread it and so I apologise. Also, I don't know why I came out with the religion correspondent bit there and then.

    Still, I can't see any religious emphasis on the icount website other than two links to some church type event happening on the day.