Euston Jewellery Theft

By Rob Last edited 197 months ago
Euston Jewellery Theft

At around 6:45pm yesterday evening a rucksack was stolen from a businessman at Euston Station.

So far, so boring. But the one detail that sets this story apart from every other petty theft report is that this particular rucksack happened to contain £265,000 in jewellery.

Now, carrying around quarter-of-a-million in bling around in a rucksack sounds a little dodgy to us anyway; and you have to wonder if this was just a lucky day for a lowly bag thief, or a planned operation by someone who knew what the rucksack contained.

But the strangest element of the story has to be the supect British Transport Police are currently looking for. That's him on the right, filmed leaving the station "shortly after the theft".

Which means, either the rucksack contained a couple of very small pieces of extremely expensive jewellery...

...or lots of small items which this bloke has just ingested. The perfect crime!

Last Updated 20 October 2006