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Think 'Drury Lane' and you think theatre and culture and lovey stuff like that. You don't think scandal, litigation and domestic violence. At least you didn't, not until Drury-News-Gate (note to self: need better name for this).

Yes, it's been revealed today that the anonymous fax which reignited the whole McCartney divorce furore with its allegations of domestic violence, spouse-on-spouse cruelty and breast-related selfishness was sent from an innocent-looking establishment in Covent Garden known as Drury News.

The small shop, which sells newspapers, sweets, snacks and birthday cards, also offers photocopying and fax services.

Its owner, Peter Mehta, who has run the business near Covent Garden for 15 years, remembers a woman coming in to send a fax last Tuesday afternoon. He described her as aged between 35 and 45, about 5ft 6ins tall and brunette.

All this information was discovered by the Press Association IT team, who managed to trace the papertrail back from the original transmission received at their office in Howden, east Yorkshire last week. What they'll now do with that information is anybody's guess.

In other Macca news: Looks like Heather's going to sue the Standard. Hurray!

Last Updated 24 October 2006