DR Congo Officials Attacked

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DR Congo Officials Attacked

Three high-ranking officials from the Democratic Republic of Congo were attacked in London on Wednesday.

The three men, including President Joseph Kabila's chief of staff Leonard She Okitundu, were taken to hospital after being set upon a by a group of 20 people near a TV studio where they were due to take part in a programme on DR Congo's presidential elections. The incident is thought to be linked to this month's election run-off.

Okitundu said:

"They pulled me out of the car to beat and kick me. They took my jacket and my trousers, my shirt and my pants. Then they dragged me and left me lying naked."

The gang also stole the chief of staff's briefcase, containing his passport, money, credit cards and official papers.

Police are investigating the incident, but no arrests have been made as yet.

Last Updated 13 October 2006