Clerical <s>t</s>Error

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Clerical <s>t</s>Error

Remember Noel Coward's Mr Bridger? Not only did he run the prison, but managed to orchestrate The Italian Job. Then there was Grouty in Porridge who, despite what the screws thought, was running the prison from his comfy cell and set in motion the football match that saw Fletcher and Godbar on the run. And now we have cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, who it seems is also more than capable of casting his influence outside the walls despite being on a seven year stretch at Her Majesty's Pleasure. No minis running amuck though - just a shabby little secret abode in Greenford:

Legal aid chiefs are seeking to recover court defence costs from Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri amid reports that he bought a £220,000 house while in jail.

This all comes from an investigation carried out by The Evening Standard - they must have wet themselves when they found a 'connection' between their favourite hate preacher and immigrant workers. Turns out that Polish labourers have been renting the place and the price of the house almost matches the amount in Legal aid that was run up during the cleric's case.

Last Updated 12 October 2006