Antonio Carluccio: Life and Recipes of Renaissance Italy, V&A

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Antonio Carluccio: Life and Recipes of Renaissance Italy, V&A

Despite what the ladies at the River Cafe would have us believe, Italian cooking, real, genuine, hardcore Italian cooking involves a bit more than drizzing expensive olive oil over bits of toast. Antonio Carluccio is the man to consult when going for the big guns in terms of Italian cuisine, and in between serving London the finest of Italian food in his restaurants, cafes and shops, he is giving a talk at the V&A tomorrow night.

The museum is currently holding the At Home in Renaissance Italy exhibition, an in-depth look at how domestic interiors influenced the flourishing of the arts in this period and how the items we commonly associate with the Renaissance began life in the home. Antonio Carluccio will share his passion for Italian cuisine and discuss the life and recipes of Renaissance Italy in a special talk programmed as part of the exhibition, and as part of the V&A Wednesday Late View series.

In case you didn't know and in case you always feel like you're missing out on what goes on at the V&A because you're at work all day instead of hanging around Albertropolis soaking up culture and stuff, the V&A Wednesday Late series is a regular mid-week opportunity to see the exhibitions and galleries, or go to a concert, lecture or gallery talk. It's quieter than the monthly Friday Late series and less likely to involve DJs and heaving crowds of hip young things - and there's very little chance you'll be sharing gallery space with a bunch of whining schoolkids or a busload of chattering tourists at 8pm on a Wednesday night. And it's free. So no excuses... we'll see you there with your best chin-stroking, black polo-neck-wearing, nodding-sagely-at-nothing-in-particular pose.

The Life and Recipes of Renaissance Italy with Antonio Carluccio, Weds 25 October at V&A, Lecture Theatre, 6.15pm. Tickets are free, but booking is essential, call call 020 7942 2211 or email For more information about the At Home in Renaissance Italy exhibition, go to the website here.

Last Updated 24 October 2006