Tom Dixon Chairs At Trafalgar Square

By Rob Last edited 196 months ago
Tom Dixon Chairs At Trafalgar Square
Tom Dixon at Trafalgar Square

One of the coolest things to come out of this years Design Festival is the Tom Dixon 'installation' at Trafalgar Square.

When we heard that Tom Dixon was going to de displaying these expanded polystyrene chairs in the Square we thought it migth be one of those things where there's four chairs and you have to queue to sit in them and someone watches over you with a taser gun just in case you damage it.

But no - there's millions of them (well, not millions,but you know: loads), and they're all over Trafalgar Square. We took the photo above with our phone earlier today of a couple enjoying a cosy early morning chat. Ah bless.

Apparently there is to be a 'chair grab' at some point, as the chairs are only there for today. So go take a look and maybe go home with a Tom Dixon chair.

Last Updated 21 September 2006