Michael Caine In Good Film Shocker?

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Michael Caine In Good Film Shocker?

Although clearly capable of great things (Get Carter, Hannah And Her Sisters, The Quiet American) Michael Caine has a disturbing knack of picking rubbish films to act in. In a way there's absolutely nothing wrong with accepting everything that comes along, acting being a money-making profession like all others. One certainly has to pay the bills.

That's why it's so nice to hear that "Children Of Men", which also stars Clive Owen and Julianne Moore and is set in a "futuristic London" (arguably the best kind of London) might actually be really good.

The trailer can be viewed here and is genuinely spine tingling. Caine sports a fabulous head of hair and seems to have been cast in the wise elder role, wholly appropriate for a man of his age and stature in the film industry.

As for the story itself:

As warring nationalistic sects clash, a disillusioned bureaucrat played by Owen is charged with the task of escorting the woman who has become miraculously pregnant to a sanctuary in the hope of saving the mankind.

"Children of Men" is released in the UK on 22nd September.

Last Updated 06 September 2006