Evicted Starts With An E

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Evicted Starts With An E

Well this is kind of a blow: remember the 'ravers' in the £15m (or £14m depending on which paper you read, buy hey it's expensive and that's all you need to know) house in Primrose Hill who were doing evil things like playing loud music and leaving empty beer cans in their doorstep?

Well they're going to get evicted next week.

In a statement Camden council said: "We have had three complaints from neighbours about noise. Noise patrol officers went to the property [last] Sunday and served a notice which means that if there is further noise we could prosecute them or seize their equipment/sound systems etc in conjunction with the police."

Hmm, doesn't sound all that definitive to us, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

However the article is worth reading just for the Through the Keyhole-esque description of the house's interior obtained thanks to an impromptu tour by a DJ named Miguel:

The home opens with a black and white chequered marble hallway, up from which flows a staircase to which roses had been tied. Expansive rooms snake off from the hallway, but the cream carpets were covered in beer cans, cigarette butts and other rubbish. Tacked to the walls were psychedelic patterns and in two, bars had been set up selling alcohol and soft drinks.

Yeah, we can see all the Primrose Hill set going for the 'fag ash psychadelic' look next season.

Last Updated 01 September 2006