Hacking London: Mini Byte

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
Hacking London: Mini Byte

It's been a while since our last Hacking London column so we thought we'd fill the gap with a quick but tasty morsel of techy goodness, and believe it or not this particular slice of goodness comes courtesy of Transport for London.

Yes, that Transport for London.

TfL's new traffic news site launched today and it actually works...and it's useful (anyone who has ever tried to use TfL's tube journey planner will understand why we're so amazed).

Here's what it does:

Traffic News is a unique traffic management tool that will provide real time details of road works, streetworks, public events, accidents and incidents that may affect road journeys, allowing road users to make informed decisions about their routes before they travel.

We particularly love the way you can access CCTV footage from any camera just by clicking on the icons - brilliant (and we can't even drive!).

Now, how long before someone mashes this and UpMyStreet's property pricing gizmo together, so you can wait for rich people to leave their homes and then rob them?

Now that's Web 2.0!

Last Updated 26 September 2006