eBay-watch: London Transport Swag

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eBay-watch: London Transport Swag

The London Transport Museum has gone eBay crazy this month:

This fundraising auction is being held by the Friends of London’s Transport Museum to raise money for the redevelopment of the popular central London museum. All proceeds will go towards new exhibitions and education facilities which will be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands people and schools in the years to come. Please help us to realise this important project.

So what are they are auctioning off? Old tube seats? Out of date A-Zs? Old routemaster time tables? Well it turns out they're offering immortality - well almost. In a kind of low key Vincent Price House of Wax sort of way:

Ever dreamt of driving a bus? This is your chance to live the dream from behind the wheel of the famous Routemaster, a central exhibit in the new London’s Transport Museum. A mannequin is needed to occupy the driver’s seat of this internationally recognised vehicle – so seize the opportunity to have the face of this central character cast in your likeness? The mannequin face will be cast in resin by a professional firm and the will be exhibited in the new London’s Transport Museum from when it reopens in late summer 2007.

Sounds creepy to us. And with a £6,000 starting price we're not surprised no one has made a bid yet.

There's a lot more on offer in the auction including the chance to have your face attached to a passenger on the top deck of an 1892 horse drawn bus or be a couple in the back seat of a 1930’s Austin taxi. Plus some toys and stuff.

We like the 'Use of a Routemaster and crew for a day' because it sounds dirty and the chance to make a Docklands Light Railway platform tannoy announcement... because we could say something dirty.

They can keep the front page of the first ever Metro though. You've got until October 1st to get a bid in.

Last Updated 25 September 2006